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God’s gift, Delivered on order

The incidence of infertility is much more prevalent than what we would like to believe. Up to one in six couples have difficulties in conceiving and many seek medical advice and treatment. But bells of joy are ringing in the life of many such couples, thanks to increasing awareness about Assisted Reproductive Technologies, says Ratan Mani Lal Procreation is the greatest, most amazing gift of nature. Whether or not one believes in rival theories about origin of life, the arrival of a new-born is always a moment of pure joy. Great civilizations and great creations are the result of the urge to leave the best for posterity. And posterity is what most humans are engaged in creating.

Human reproduction is a complex science of union of chromosomes but it all begins with a union of two individuals of opposite sex with that specific purpose – procreation. Our huge population might suggest otherwise but the fact remains that reproduction still remains one of the most serious problems faced by our people. For those who are physically and physiologically normal, having a biological offspring of their own is just about as natural as any other activity but for those who face difficulty in having a child of their own, the disappointment and trauma are unimaginable.
But thanks to new, emerging techniques in human biology – particularly reproductive biology – it is now possible for all those unhappy couples to get a little bundle of joy they can call their own child. Practices of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have brought about a much-needed revolution in human biology that has helped bring in happiness to hundreds of thousands of households around the world, but also helped the society get over the unfortunate stigma associated with childlessness.
The subject has been taboo in the media and entertainment industry with the 2001 film Filhaal (starring Tabu, Sushmita Sen and Sanjay Suri) being the only serious attempt to focus attention on the issue. However, a string of recent events have not only brought the subject of assisted reproduction out into the open for public discussion, but also revealed the extent of the problem of infertility. Read More...