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Health & Nutrition

Motherhood after menopause

The best time to conceive is between 20 to 30 years age. Female fertility decreases gradually after 30 and declines sharply after 35. Natural pregnancies are extremely rare after the age of 40. Menopause gradually ensues after the age of forty.

Fear of money

Fear of money: An abnormal and persistent fear of money. Sufferers experience undue anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational. They worry that they might mismanage money or that money might live up to its reputation as "the root of all evil."

Finger Factor

Verbal aggression has now been linked to the ratio of length between the pointer finger and the ring finger. A new study, related smaller ratio of length between these two digits, the higher the verbal aggression in the study participants.

Abused & anxious

Abused children are at a higher risk of anxiety and mood disorders. Scientists have now found that traumatic experience changes gene regulation.

Too much of calcium & iron may cause glaucoma

High intake of calcium and iron are associated with greater odds of glaucoma according the University of California, San Francisco. This is for the supplement takers as higher dietary intake of calcium and iron brought decreased odds for developing glaucoma.

No to pesticides

Pesticides have significant negative impacts on children. Young children detoxify toxins at a much slower rate than adults. Epidemiologic evidence show strong associations between childhood exposure to pesticides and decreased cognitive function...