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IVF India offers the best of reading and guidance for all infertile couples. Our print version is a glossy with educative and informative articles and features on fertility, relationships, health, nutrition, real life stories, celebrity interviews, latest research and development in infertility treatment options. Each issue also evaluates and rates different IVF Centres across India to enable the end procedure seeker find the most suitable Infertility Specialist and Centre. Our network of over 50 correspondents and photographers help us to reach out to every corner of India. The print magazine is distributed pan India by the India Today Group, which is the largest magazine publishing group of India.
Our website offers the all the advantages of the print version alongwith the dynamics of multimedia options like videos etc. We also have a Help Centre where you can post a query and we shall help you find the right Doctor. We do not charge anything for our services. Our mission is to help all and our vision – a child for every couple.

Newsletters & Journals

We have reinvented the humble newsletter. Gone are the days when a newsletter meant a shoddily designed and produced compilation of news and educational articles which hardly anyone read.
We have set up a separate division to handle newsletters so that each newsletter we produce bears the distinctive identity of the organization it represents. Since we handle editing, designing, producing and mailing, our clients enjoy a hassle free experience with us.
Be it hospitals, organizations or societies we are happy to produce their newsletters within the time frame required.

Customised Copies

We provide customised copies which contain 32 pages of articles and features followed by a 8 page feature on the Clinic/Doctor. The cover also profiles the Doctor. These copies are excellent patient outreach tools as they enjoy a longer shelf life than a brochure and provide quality reading material alongwith a positive branding of the Centre.


We have recently set up a book publishing division. We publish educational books for the infertile couple. We also publish, produce and distribute coffee table books.